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Two Lives Meant To Be Entwined

17 Feb

I am blessed to have a very dearest and best friend.  Yes, my husband is my best friend.  My daughter is also my best friend.  But, a girl needs a girlfriend kind of a dearest and best friend too.  Debbi is that person in my life.   What would I do without her?!

This fine friendship is clearly from the Lord.  We were very casually acquainted 25 years ago.  That’s it.  I knew nothing about her.  She knew nothing about me. We didn’t see or hear of each other since that time until two years ago.  Through a strange series of events on Facebook I heard that she had attended the same elementary school as me.  This information caused me to strike up a conversation with her through Facebook to inquire further.  That conversation took place two years ago today.  Simply put, we’ve been BFFs ever since.  I needed her in my life. But, I didn’t know that until I was blessed to have her in my life.  I wouldn’t want to do life without her.  It wasn’t too long after our friendship began that we discovered some interesting facts . . . we lived in the same neighborhood as children, only a few blocks from each other; we hung out at all the same places; we attended the same elementary, junior high and high schools (although she’s two years older than me, so she was two grades ahead of me; and for the record, that makes me 22 since she claims to be forever 24).  I cannot even begin to list all of the things that we have in common – WordPress simply doesn’t allow me enough space to cover that much ground.

Source: J.Crew

I recently discovered this photo on a friend’s site (her blog is absolutely lovely – EAB Designs).  For some reason, even though we both have fairly short hair, this picture made me think of Debbi and me.  So I asked my Debbi if we could please grow our hair out so that we can braid it together like these two sweet ones.  She said, “Very cute.  But, no.”  I now refer to her as my sister in braids anyway . . . I can dream, can’t I?

Debbi, thank you for being the very best friend a girl could hope for.  Thanks for letting me be me.  Thanks for “getting” me.  You’re the best friend of my dreams. Let’s grow our hair out so that . . . oh, never mind.

Check out Debbi’s great blog, 24 at Heart.