More About She

I absolutely love gaining knowledge, inspiration and creative ideas from others. And those things, my friends, are some of the “fine things” I fancy.  As a wife, mother and keeper of our Texas home I’m always on the lookout for fine things. That is one reason I enjoy reading blogs – it is within their pages that I often find decorating ideas, new recipes, tips for home keeping, great conversation, and many other things to fancy.

So, “She Fancies Fine Things” is my attempt at sharing with others the fine things I fancy . . . the simple (and sometimes fancy) things that can make our lives more rich.  I hope that within the pages of this little blog you find a few fine things that bring you inspiration.

These are just a few of the other things I fancy . . . my family, my BFF, my sweet Miniature Schnauzer – Krystal, home keeping, decorating, cookery, photography, the Amish, travel, genealogy, Apple products, blogging, horses, tassels, toile, blue and white dishes, the color red, bed and breakfasts, Christmas caroling, sunrises and sunsets.

Thank you for taking time to read More About She, which is really me.  I hope you find that you fancy my little blog and come back often.

Have a fine and fancy day!



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